Parsippany, NJ—A new study has found that isomaltulose and prebiotic inulin-type fructans (ITF) may have beneficial effects on glycemic response and gut microbiota composition.

The study was a retrospective analysis, published in Frontiers in Nutrition. Researchers looked at data from 117 individuals who participated in a digital nutrition program, which included a 14-day continuous glucose measurement. Participants underwent six test days, with drinks sweetened either with isomaltulose or with sucrose, consumed with their usual breakfasts and lunches. Dinner was supplemented with ITF for 11 days. Postprandial glycemia and 24 hour-glycemic variability were determined following test meals and test days, respectively. Fecal microbiota was analyzed before and after the test phase.

The findings: Meals with isomaltulose-sweetened drinks induced lower postprandial glycemia, compared to meals with sucrose-sweetened drinks. Glucose oscillations over 24 hours were lower on isomaltulose when compared to sucrose test days, and improved more during ITF supplementation. Also, ITF beneficially modulated gut microbiome composition. Taken together, incorporating isomaltulose and ITF into the diet was shown to improve glucose control and gut microbiota, although it should be noted that the sweetened drinks portion of the study was not compared to a placebo.

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Both ingredients were from BENEO—the isomaltulose is branded Palatinose, and the ITF is branded Orafti Synergy1.

Anke Sentko, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication at BENEO commented in a press release: “For the first time, the health benefits of our ingredients that have already been proven in numerous clinical studies under controlled circumstances, are now confirmed in complex real-life situations. These recent study results show that food choices matter and demonstrate how functional ingredients can help to support health. The study design also demonstrates that both BENEO’s Palatinose and Orafti Synergy1 deliver health benefits in the context of personalized nutrition by addressing individual dietary needs, an approach that is appreciated by more and more consumers when it comes to weight management and ensuring a healthy body and mind.

“Furthermore,” Sentko continued, “the demonstration of the synergetic effect of the two ingredients related to the decrease in glycemic variability over time was particularly exciting for us. It finally confirms that microbiota composition and blood sugar management are closely interrelated. Therefore BENEO’s functional ingredients Palatinose and Orafti Synergy1 offer a holistic approach.”