New York, NY—A branded nootropic has been shown to improve brain activity after only 60 minutes, according tonew research.

The study utilized 800mg of Neuravena, a green oat extract from IFF. 20 healthy participants were randomized to receive either Neuravena or a placebo. Nutrient intake the night before and morning of the test were regulated, and the participants were interviewed regarding quality of sleep the night prior to the test. Participants consumed either the supplement or the placebo. An hour later, they took several tests, while their brain activity was recorded via electroencephalogram and their eye movements were being recorded via electrode.

The findings: Participants on Neuravena completed tasks more quickly compared to their baseline performance, and with higher accuracy. Participants on placebo, on the other hand, took the tests more slowly, and with worsening accuracy.

The researchers concluded: “Neuravena is associated with the optimization of neural resources and with increased efficiency in terms of performance and brain activity in healthy individuals. Further studies could help elucidate the effects of chronic administration of Neuravena on cognitive functions in health and in disease population.”

Trevor Wagner, Business Development Manager, IFF Health, commented in a press release: “Suitable for a wide range of consumers, Neuravena is highly marketable to those looking to address mental fatigue, reaction times and performance. Nootropics are often sought after by e-gamers aiming to naturally boost visual acuity, mental function, and energy. With a fast-acting ingredient, such as Neuravena, e-sport enthusiasts, students and general consumers alike can benefit from an increased speed of sustained performance in cognitive tasks.”

Stephanie Udell, Global Product Launch Leader, IFF, added: “Mental well-being has never been more important and will continue to expand the brain health supplements market. This is why we’re committed to continuous research and development in this space. With our broad portfolio and ongoing innovation, alongside decades of technical expertise, we’re well positioned to propel customers, and the industry forward.”