East Windsor, NJ—A new clinical trial studied the effects of a combination of Sabinsa's Curcumin C3 Complex and BioPerine on serum cytokine concentrations. Thestudy, published in the peer-reviewed journalPhytotherapy Research, involved 62 critically ill patients with  traumatic brain injury (TBI), aged 18–65 years. Subjects received either 500 mg/day curcuminoids with 5 mg/day piperine or a placebo for 7 days.

The result: There was a statistically significant decrease in the pro-inflammatory cytokine leptin in the C3 Complex plus BioPerine group compared with the placebo group, according to a press release from Sabinsa, which notes that, while leptin is often associated with food intake and energy expenditure, its importance in aging conditions, serious illness, and stressful injuries is being recognized.

In addition to leptin, the researchers monitored levels of the anti-inflammatory cytokine adiponectin. The increase in adiponectin did not reach statistical significance, and the researchers commented that this may have been due to the short duration of the trial, which lasted seven days.  Sabinsa added that the researchers pointed to other trials in which curcuminoids were administered for longer periods, and linked to increases in adiponectin levels.

“We are happy to see the utility of C3 Complex with BioPerine in controlling the expression of cytokines in TBI patients,” said Sabinsa Founder and Chairman Dr. Muhammed Majeed in the release. “It is heartening to note that there were only benefits and no adverse side effects for this group of subjects, further attesting to our ingredient's safety.”
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