Kennesaw, GA— A recent study was conducted to test the effect of the probiotic strain DE111 (by Deerland Enzymes and Probiotics) on athletic performance. A strain ofBacillus subtilis, a probiotic spore that supports digestive and immune health, DE111 was genome sequenced to confirm it did not contain plasmids, antibiotic resistant or deleterious genes. DE111 has the ability to form spores to protect it from harsh conditions, making it ideal for use in supplements as well as food and drinks.

The double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study was done with 23 female collegiate athletes in a 10 week resistance training program during their offseason. The program featured 3-4 upper and lower body workouts a week. After each workout, the athletes consumed a DE111 supplement with a recovery protein drink.

The study found that taking DE111 jointly with post-workout nutrition increased athletic performance in deadlift exercise, reduced body fat and improved general health. The vice president of science and technology at Deerland Enzymes and Probiotics, Dr. John Deaton said in a press release, “These findings are encouraging for athletic individuals, both professional and recreational, that are looking for ways to naturally achieve maximum results from their training efforts.”

Lipscomb University’s Dr. Jeremy Townsend will present the study’s findings at the International Society of Sport Nutrition (ISSN) Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ on June 22-24.