Milan, Italy— A new pilot study indicates that Curcumin-based supplementation is helpful when it comes to sustaining healthy bone density levels. The study assessed the safety and efficacy of a Phytosome formulation of curcumin (Meriva, by Indena) in patients who have asymptomatic bone density conditions.

Antonella Riva, product research manager at Indena, commented in a press release that “These new positive clinical data broaden the existing findings on the efficacy of dietary supplementation with Meriva in contributing to manage certain health conditions, potentially impacting on life quality, including bone health.”

The study was comprised of 57 healthy subjects inflicted with a bone mass condition that had been randomized into two different groups where the subjects ages and gender were similar. The experimental period lasted 6 months and during that time the control group was controlling their bone density with standard management (SM) while the supplement group added a 1 g of the curcumin-based oral supplement daily along with the SM. The supplemented group showed a +7.1% and 4.8% increase in levels of bone density of the upper jaw and small finger, respectively, at the end of the study (week 24), which coincided with a decrease of 21% of ultrasound transmission values.

“Meriva continues to lead modern, rigorous clinical development in the turmeric space," said Cosimo Palumbo, Indena marketing director in a press release. "More studies are on-going and we will soon hear again about the benefits connected with the use of our unique, food grade, highly tolerable formulation of curcuminoids.”