Simi Valley, CA—derma e has announced results from an independent clinical trial of two of its products: Scar Gel for diminishing scar appearance and Pzorzema for alleviating skin conditions associated with eczema and psoriasis. In addition to quantitative data collected by the trial administrators, subjective questionnaires and product diaries were kept by all the participants to track their opinions on the products’ effects over the eight-week trial period.

Visual grading, silicon replica analysis and medical imaging software were used to chart the appearance of the scars before use of the scar gel, after four weeks of regular usage, and after eight weeks of usage. Results of the testing were positive, with 82.4% of participants showing significant improvement in scar texture and smoothness at the four-week mark. This number increased to 96.2% at eight weeks. The trial also reported 29.4% of participants showing improvement in scar color at four weeks and 61.5% at eight weeks, as well as 76.5% reporting improvement in overall appearance at four weeks and 92.3% at eight weeks. The participant comments also showed positive response.

Results for the psoriasis product were logged before using the product, at four weeks and at eight weeks, along with subjective questionnaires taken by the participants. The results showed a pronounced effect on the symptoms of psoriasis, with 92% of participants showing a significant reduction in redness and inflammation at eight weeks. The results also showed 100% of the participants with reduction in skin flaking at the end of the study, as well as 70% exhibiting a decrease in scaling at four weeks and 76% at eight weeks.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2014