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Nattokinase, Dr. Ralph Holsworth, HealthQuestPodcast"Blood is Thicker Than Water," is the title of a paper written by Dr. Ralph Holsworth back in 2002. This was my first introduction to nattokinase. I first interviewed Dr. Holsworth in 2007 and I have been interested in this enzyme since that time. I was so impressed by the benefits that I have also added nattokinase to my daily supplement program and I have recommended it to many people. If you have concerns about cardiovascular health you should consider nattokinase. In spite of its name, nattokinase is not a kinase enzyme, but a serine protease of the subtilisin family. As such, it exhibits a strong fibrinolytic activity.

HealthQuestPodcast, Dr. Ralph Holsworth, NattokinaseIn Dr. Holsworth Special Report,Nattokinase and Cardiovascular Health, he states “nattokinase is a particularly potent treatment because it enhances the body’s natural ability to fight blood clots in several different ways and has many benefits including convenience of oral administration, confirmed efficacy, prolonged effects, cost effectiveness, and can be used preventatively. It is a naturally occurring, food dietary supplement that has demonstrated stability in the gastrointestinal tract. The properties of nattokinase closely resemble those properties of plasmin so it dissolves fibrin directly! MoreHeart Supportimportantly, it also enhances the body’s production of both plasmin and other clot dissolving agents, including urokinase. Nattokinase may actually be superior to conventional clot-dissolving drugs such as urokinase, and streptokinase, which are only effective therapeutically when taken intravenously within 12 hours of a stroke or heart attack. Nattokinase, however, may help prevent the conditions leading to blood clots with an oral daily dose of as little as 2,000 fibrin units (FU).”

Dr Ralph HolsworthIn this interview, Dr. Holsworth will discuss the origins of nattokinase and the emerging science that reveals the benefits. The basic issue here is that fibrin is the factor in our blood that forms blood clots. Too much fibrin thickens the blood increasing one’s risk of cardiovascular disease. Consumption of nattokinase has been shown to enhance fibrinolytic activity leading to reduced fibrin in the blood. Nattokinase has also shown benefits for blood pressure support.


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Posted in WholeFoods Magazine online, 7/6/2016