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Maybe you heard a recent news release that touted the new nutrition labels recommended by the FDA. All in the name of making nutritional information more readily accessible to consumers. Sounds OK on the surface. But when you look closely at the recommend proposal you discover there are many more implications in this proposal than the simple press release would suggest.

Upon closer examination buried deep within the pages of the document is the disturbing discovery that FDA is proposing to LOWER the recommended levels for 8 essential nutrients. What is interesting is that these lower levels are the same levels adopted by the international Codex Alimentarius. Lowering these recommended levels means that people will believe they are properly nourished. A future risk is that supplement potencies could be capped using these daily values.


This is a battle of some consequence and few people even realize that this could be a problem. There is an international movement to “dumb” down or eliminate nutrients. We should not assume that this could not happen here. The FDA has stated it’s intention to harmonize with Codex. This new labeling recommendation does that with many nutrients. It is a sneaky way to slide in Codex harmonization. Most people missed this point because of the FDA announcement which only focused on the labeling design change.

In this interview I will discuss the new labeling proposal and some of the implications for consumers. I have interviewed Scott previously about the international Codex Alimentarius which we will refer to in this interview. You may want to listen to that interview if you are concerned about international events and how they affect your food and nutrition.

—Steve Lankford


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Posted August 12, 2014