Aavishkar Oral Strips Pvt Ltd brings you the best tasting with the least organoleptic affected Iron supplement oral dissolving strips you have ever tried!

Iron is required to transfer oxygen (energy) to reach your tissues and organs, reduce fatigue, repair your damaged tissues, improve endurance, boost your immunity, restore reproductive health and so much more!* But, it can be difficult to take and lead to discomfort including nausea, stomach churning, metallic taste and flushing! In contrast, the Iron oral strip, is made using proprietary ThinsolTM technology, has tantalizing flavors, and feels and tastes like candy! Iron Oral strips are more efficacious, cost less than other supplements, have enhanced taste, and more importantly: it is customizable for adults and kids according to their daily requirements. This allows for better consumer compliance – there is nothing better. What we offer is not just health! It is health that is convenient, efficacious and fun to take!

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