In this keynote presentation,Christine Horner, M.D., shares her secrets to looking amazing, including her personal experience with Ayurveda, which she credits with helping her look 10 years younger and feeling better than ever after only 48 hours of treatments. Dr. Horner discusses proven natural approaches including food, supplements, and lifestyle choices, plus innovative technologies for radiant beauty and optimal health.

This session was originally presented live on Thursday, April 22, 2021 during Naturally Informed’sNutri-Beauty: Mastering the Market virtual conference. Access all of the sessions presented at the two-day event on demand here.

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The next virtual event in the Naturally Informed series, Active Nutrition: Mastering the Market brings together researchers, sports nutrition specialists, and industry professionals to bridge the gaps between cutting-edge science, business strategy and key regulatory developments. This two-day event will be a one-stop shop for the latest must-have insights in the world of sports and active nutrition. From recovery to cognition, decision making and the importance of immunity for sports and active lifestyles, experts will explore how new science is shaping how nutritionists think and industry approaches its innovation strategy. Registration for the event, taking place June 29-30, is open now.
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