As COVID-19 continues to cause uncertainty, our goal remains the same: to deliver valuable information that helps you achieve your goals of fostering wellness and growing your business for the greater good.

We cover a topic in this issue that, at press time, was triggering significant debate in the U.S.: back-to-school season. Decisions will have been made by the time you read this, but as I write this schools are still trying to find a way to serve their students, staff, and the community with safety concerns in mind.

Whatever ends up happening with school openings, we won’t all agree on whether or not it is for the best. But I’m sure we all do agree on this: We are here to give parents the tools they seek to help support the general wellbeing of their families. Of course, parents are feeling the pressure. Even before the back-to-school time stress set in, the emotional toll was clear. In Stress in America 2020: Stress in the Time of COVID-19, surveys conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of American Psychological Association (APA) and published in June, revealed that 71% of parents are worried about the impact the pandemic has had on their child’s social development (1). There are concerns for physical health, too, beyond the concerns the virus itself raises. Studies have shown that children were less active during the lockdown, and experts note that this carries health risks including obesity and higher stress levels, among other concerns including the impact lack of exercise has on immune health (2).

Industry experts discuss trends in terms of what parents are prioritizing, kids’ health offerings that can help support wellbeing, and snacks that can help keep kids nourished and comforted, whether they are at the cafeteria lunch table or their own kitchen table. See our kids’ coverage here.

Stressful Times

  • 71% of parents are worried about the impact COVID-19 has had on their child’s social development
  • 60% of U.S. adults are experiencing significant stress on a daily basis
  • 59% of U.S. adults are experiencing significant worry on a daily basis
No matter the outcome of the school debates, stress will linger. It’s already soaring: A Gallup poll conducted between March 21 and April 5 revealed that “the percentages of U.S. adults experiencing significant stress and worry on a daily basis have increased in an unprecedented manner compared with July-August 2019.” Stress rose 14 percentage points to 60%, worry climbed 21 points to 59%, and the percentage of adults experiencing significant daily enjoyment plunged 20 points, to 61% (3). Experts address natural strategies for improving stress resilience, as well as fostering healthy sleep, here.

As we all continue to do our best to navigate 2020, and we all do what we truly feel is for the best for the wellbeing of people and the planet, I’m comforted to be in an industry that focuses on education, information, science, and also kindness. We won’t always agree with one another—this publication presents a range of viewpoints from bylined writers that may differ from our own, and we encourage thoughtful debate. But we will listen to one another, learn, and grow.

Maggie Jaqua Editor-in-Chief

Stay #NaturallyInformed on Sustainability Issues

We won’t be gathering for Natural Products Expo East, which was scheduled to take place September 23-26 in Philadelphia. New Hope Network announced that, due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on events and travel, the show would be cancelled for 2020, so instead we are looking forward to attending Expo East 2021 in Philadelphia, September 22-25, 2021.

Helping to fill the education and networking voids left by the many cancelled trade shows, WholeFoods Magazine partnered with Trust Transparency Center to bring you the new Naturally Informed virtual event series. See coverage of our first event, which took place in June, on pages 14 and 27. And join us for our next event: Driving Value Through Sustainability Across the Supply Chain, taking place August 26-27. We will cover sustainability issues throughout the supply chain, featuring a keynote talk by Tom Newmark, Co-Owner of Finca Luna Nueva Lodge, and a panel on regenerative agriculture with Kamal Bell, Owner of Sankofa Farms, Bethany Davis, Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs for MegaFood, and Diana Martin, Director of Communications and Marketing for Rodale Institute. Get the scoop on sessions and speakers, and sign up to attend, at