A bit of time has passed since I last manned a desk atWholeFoods Magazine, and it’s wonderful to be back at the publication that gave me my start in the natural products industry. Some of you may know me—I joined the team here back in 1998, working with long-time WholeFoods editor-in-chief Alan Richman until 2001. I then headed to the consumer side, working at Bauer Publishing for 18 years. At First for Women and Woman’s World magazines, I dedicated myself to delivering the latest natural health and nutrition information to a consumer who was very motivated to live her healthiest, happiest life.

Hearing from women who learned more about how to foster greater wellbeing through nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes and then went on to enjoy life-transforming benefits is a true highlight of my career. It’s something I know you all can relate to as well. Playing a role in helping others to live their best life is why we do what we do—hearing grateful success stories from people who have reclaimed their vitality is the cherry on top, and it is truly an honor. I look forward to continuing to deliver information that educates and informs, to help us all hear more of those inspiring, heart-warming success stories in the future.

To say a lot has changed over the past 18 years would be an understatement—in fact, a lot has changed over the past four weeks. Since I joined the team here at WholeFoods on November 19, a dizzying amount has happened. Just four weeks ago the Farm Bill was still an “if” and the Tariff situation looked far shakier than it does today. What a difference 30 days makes!

Of course, those changes leave us all wondering what the future holds. To get a better handle on that, WholeFoods talked to some of the thought leaders and changemakers in the industry for their insights into what 2019 may have in store for us. They offer up several cautions to help you navigate the changing landscape of the industry in terms of CBD sales, life in the Amazon world and more. But they also share many brights spots that suggest good things to come.

In working on that article, I asked the experts what gives them pause about the year ahead, and also what is making them feel most optimistic about the future. Their responses were enlightening, and I’d like to pose those same questions to each of you. I would love to hear from you—send an email to maggiejaqua@wfcinc.com to let me know what topics you feel are most pressing, so the team here at WholeFoods can explore and work on delivering the most relevant information to you.

My prediction for 2019: Together, we will continue to do our part to make this world an even better place. I’m setting a big goal (and, ok, perhaps it’s a little bit corny, but I’m like that!). The voices I’ve already heard from in the past 30 days—including those in the B Corporation movement (read their inspiring words on page 28)—have motivated me to think even bigger, to strive even harder be the good in the world and to do everything in my power to bring positive change, and I know your voices will amplify and echo that as well.

2019, look out!

Maggie Jaqua Editor-in-Chief