CBD and Children dominated Expo East. It was impossible to turn a corner without encountering yet another hemp-derived product containing CBD or a food, beverage, supplement or SOMETHING created just for children.

Add to this the C of Confusion because the legal status of non-psychoactive CBD remains open to state interpretation, meaning local sheriffs can come in and seize inventory. U.S. lawmakers, meanwhile, have yet to pass the Farm Bill containing the Hemp Farming Act. When Holly Johnson, Chief Science Officer of AHPA addressed a roomful of retailers and manufacturers, she gave the interesting advice to act “as if” the products are regulated by DSHEA.

This brings up yet another C. Industry veterans expressed Concern that the sheer volume of wannabes could sour the situation for everyone and invite undesired scrutiny from the FDA.

Just as the scientific mainstay manufacturers know to adhere to the strict guidelines of DSHEA, multi-level marketers are becoming more prevalent in the space. Natural products retailers know they cannot prescribe, but it’s nearly impossible to control the claims made by individual entrepreneurs – even if these efforts require compliance. Novel products derived from Cauliflower proliferated along with the previously mentioned Children.

Once Upon a Farm, the organic Cold-pressed baby food company with a Celebrity Cast including organic industry veteran John Foraker and actress Jennifer Garner, just received a $20 million venture investment it will use to roll out fresh baby food nationwide. The company introduced a line of jarred products at Expo East and several meet the company’s goal of eligibility for WIC, the federal program providing supplemental assistance for Women, Infants and Children.

Then there was Inspired Start, which offers a line of pouches for ages 4 months and up, designed to stage the introduction of allergens to a child’s diet. The line includes Apple and Peanut, Pear and Egg, Banana and Tree Nut, Mango and Soy, Apple and Wheat, Pear and Sesame, and Banana and Shrimp.

Hellowater introduced Hellowater Kids, infused with fiber, vitamins C and D. Gryph & Ivyrose were onsite with a full line of “naturally luxurious herbal blends for children.” Play Tea presented a naturally caffeine free tea for kids.

But let’s get back to the key of C.

Please join me in congratulating Corinna Kaufman, our audience engagement specialist who was recently promoted to assistant editor. Many of you have already met Corinna at industry events. She represented us at Expo East and Expo West as well as this year’s Natural Products Day.

Enjoy Corinna’s insightful piece this month on private label. That’s her at her desk. Yes, it’s always this clean!

Photo by Gi Pamperien
Photo by Gi Pamperien

Laurie Petersen