Welcome to the 2015 WholeFoods Magazine Source Directory, the largest and most comprehensive print/online directory of information in the natural products industry.

The Source Directory—with 2,000+ listings of industry companies and organizations—is an invaluable reference tool that will help you find company information, key contacts, product offerings, brand names and more.

Check out the Source Directory Index on Pages 18–19 to locate the main sections of the directory and all the product categories.

At the front of the directory are alphabetical listings of Distributors, Brokers, Media Companies, Associations and Consultants/Service Companies.

Then, we have separate listings for Manufacturers/Importers/Growers (those that sell finished, branded products primarily to distributors and/or retailers) beginning on Page 33 and for Industry Suppliers (those that offer raw materials, product ingredients, contract manufacturing and so forth) starting on Page 129.

Within these large sections are some 300 product categories divided into six sections:

• Foods

• Dietary Supplements

• Herbs

• Health & Beauty Aids (HABA)

• Manufacturing Equipment/Services

• Miscellaneous

Their page numbers are listed on the Table of Contents on Page 4.

Last, we have listings of Brand Names (see Page 196) to help readers identify suppliers of products for which they know only the trade name.

Throughout the company listings, this issue’s advertisers are highlighted in bold-type; use the Ad Index on Page 208 to find their ads.

Remember, you can access this directory digitally through our SourceBook Online (www.NaturalProductFinder.com). You can find products and companies with your own search terms or by product categories. This site is frequently updated, so be sure to bookmark it for easy reference throughout the year.

The SourceBook Online can be used on a smart phone, tablet or desktop to help you find everything in this issue plus more. Expanded listings and microsites are filled with:

• product images

• company profiles

• videos

• white papers

• sales sheets and more.

Industry companies can update or add information easily at www.NaturalProductFinder.com.  For a tutorial, visit www.wholefoodsmagazine.com/sourcebook-tutorial.

The Source Directory is as complete as we could make it. Nevertheless, we realize that in any undertaking of this size, in a field as fluid as the natural products industry, some errors are bound to occur. If you spot any errors, please let us know about them as quickly as possible by e-mail (kaylynnebner@wfcinc.com). Thank you. WF

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, May 2015