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Joint health is one of the top categories for supplement use. Hops, the ingredient used to add a touch of bitterness to most brews, has been studied because of its joint health properties. Derived from hops resin extract, Perluxan softgels contain a unique botanical anti-inflammatory agent clinically demonstrated to relieve minor joint pain quickly. The formula is standardized to contain high concentrations of alpha acids, which reduce pain-causing compounds in a short time. With a low dose, easy-to-swallow and fast-acting Perluxan softgels soothe minor joint discomfort within two hours of ingestion and don’t cause GI distress. This specialized supercritical hops resin extract provides a safer approach to soothing aches from overexertion of everyday activities and effectively calms the body’s minor pain cascade. Perluxan softgels are exclusively available from Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.®, a full-service, GMP-certified contract manufacturer.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine December 2017