Word on the street is that gluten isn’t bad; that glyphosate and only modern wheat and how we process it is the true evil. An intelligent review of time line will clear things up, followed by solutions.

Celiac Disease (CD) and The Human Body’s Rejection of Gluten:

1st Century AD:Greek physicianAretaeus of Cappadocia calls CD “Koiliakos,” “suffering of the bowels” (“koelia” means abdomen). It’s anyone’s guess how many years before this gluten was hurting people. I have $100 on “since we started eating it.”

Early 1800s:Scottish pathologistDr. Matthew Baillie identifies textbook symptoms, noting diarrhea disappeared if patients ate only rice and no bread.

1888:English pediatricianDr. Samuel Gee started publishing about CD. He observed bread was the problem; unfortunately, he thought toasting and slicing extra thin would be the solution.

1924: U.S. pediatricianDr. Sidney Haas and his “banana babies.” His experiment of 10 children documented eight that went on the banana diet improved while the two that continued eating bread died.Died.It’s that serious even today, but that’s a whole other article. That paper did the rounds and thankfully helped many Celiacs live. Haas’s Banana Diet excluded all cereals, breads and potatoes. Still, they hadn’t isolated the issue to gluten thinking it was all carbs.

…this is a good time to note thatcommercial pesticides or GMOs had not hit the market yet and we already had thousands of documented cases of CD across the world, including cultures that fermented their bread (again, a whole other article)…

Early 1940s:Dutch pediatricianDr. Willem Dicke introduced the first “unofficial” gluten-free diet (discovered due to grain shortages during WWII). Celiacs got better gluten-free. Post-war, grains became available again and the same patients got sick again. 1952 the Gluten-Free Diet is officially introduced (and may I say “Amen”).

1950s and on become “The Pesticide Era.” Enough said.

1974: Glyphosatehit the commercial market by Monsanto under the name “Roundup.”

I live and die by organic so I would love to blame glyphosate and its chemical cousins for all our gluten woes. As toxic as chemicals are for us, this timeline shows glyphosate isn’t the sole culprit. Chemicals accelerate the problem by weakening our immune system, so I’m not letting them off the hook. However, the point here is that glyphosate-free or ancient gluten is still not good for you. For me. For anyone.

Note:Greece, Scotland, England, Netherlands, Germany, Americas,….CD is everywhere (except Japan; only the Japanese are immune from CD).


1) Ditch the bird food.Gluten was never meant to feed humans. Get back to the food your body was designed to process.

2) Don’t D.I.Y. healing.Just going gluten free isn’t enough (the science on this in future posts). See a professional, get a full test panel. Begin a proper healing protocol: cleanse + healthy gut flora restoration.

3) Probiotics and colostrumare your best friends. TIP: Quality counts!

Look out for my October column:it will explain why Celiac Disease affects a lot more than 1% of the population and that gluten and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity is a bigger issue than anyone realizes.


REF: The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, Vol 7, Issue 3


JaquiJaqui Karr Karr, CGP, CSN, CVD, is a best-selling author, speaker, and corporate consultant who specializes in educating about gluten, celiac disease, specialty diets, and health through nutrition. Her popular “NakedFood” brand has helped thousands include more power raw and healing greens in their diet. Ms. Karr is a certified gluten practitioner, certified sports nutritionist, and certified vegan/vegetarian educator to dietitians. http://jaquikarr.com

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Published in WholeFoods Magazine Online, 8/30/16