Saint Paul, MN—National Co+op Grocers (NCG) has announced three new members: SHARE Cooperative, Potsdam Consumer Co-op, and South Philly Food Co-op. With these new additions, NCG, a cooperative for retail food co-ops nationwide, now has 151 member co-ops across 38 states and 200 stores, and an annual revenue of nearly $2.4 billion. 

About the new members: 

SHARE Cooperative - Harvest Market (Winston-Salem, NC)

Started in 2015, SHARE Co-op was developed to support low-income residents in the Winston-Salem area, according to a press release. The co-op has worked to improve access to healthy food through a faith-based response. SHARE’s motto is “Supplying Honest And Respectful Engagement” and the co-op’s principle goal is to provide service and assistance to its entire community, while promoting inclusivity. This October, the co-op is planning to open Harvest Market, a new grocery store. 

Potsdam Consumers Co-op (Potsdam, NY)

Potsdam Co-op got its roots as a buying club in 1972 and opened its first retail store in 1973. For nearly 50 years, the co-op has been dedicated to providing specialty and whole foods to the Potsdam community. Offerings include local foods from over 75 vendors. Presently, Potsdam Co-op is working to expand and continue to support the needs of its 1,100+ member-owners.

South Philly Food Co-op (Philadelphia, PA)

The South Philly Food Co-op was formed in early 2010, and opened a first store in 2020.The co-op’s mission is to “use food as a force for good - at our tables, in our community and for our planet.” The co-op offers fresh, local foods at fair prices and serves as a hub for the South Philly community. 

“We’re excited to have these three co-ops join NCG, as they proudly represent key moments in the retail food co-op movement in the United States,” said C.E. Pugh, NCG CEO, in the release. “Potsdam Consumer Co-op has endeavored for half a century, born out of desire to access natural and organic foods, while SHARE Co-op and South Philly Food Co-op are more recent, created by community-minded residents to support their cherished neighborhoods. We welcome these co-ops to NCG and look forward to continued collaboration.”

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