Washington, D.C.—The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has unveiled the retailer education program “Probiotics: What’s Inside is Alive,” according to a press release.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with CRN’s Probiotics Working Group (PWG) to provide retailers with information about labeling practices, storage and handling requirements, and health benefits.

The end goals of the initiative: helping retail buyers better curate their offerings, improving retailer handling of probiotics, and informing customers about the benefits of these products.

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”Probiotics supply a wide variety of health benefits,” said Jeremy Bartos, Ph.D., Chair of PWG and SVP of R&D at MeriCal. “Emerging science is revealing how different probiotic species and strains perform unique biological activities that affect different systems in the body, including digestive, cognitive, immune, and cardiovascular, among others.”

Initial assets include theRetail Buyer’s Guide to Probioticsand an educationalinfographicandvideodesigned for retail buyers.

“CRN is an industry leader for advancing education around dietary supplements,” said Andrea Wong, Ph.D., SVP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at CRN. “As these live organisms continue to grow in popularity, CRN will expand educational resources for the retail community to ensure consumers have access to high quality and beneficial probiotics.”

To learn more about the campaign and access the buyer’s guide and all other campaign assets, visitwww.crnusa.org/probiotics.