Spring Lake, MI—Where are sports and active nutrition practitioners getting their information when it comes to nutrition, and what information are they sharing with their clients? A new survey from Move Nutrition Network answers those questions and more. The survey involved more than 500 sports and active nutrition practitioners, including dietitians, nutritionists, and trainers. The survey aimed to understand:

  • The sources of nutrition information accessed by practitioners
  • The frequency of passing on this information to clients
  • Emerging ingredient trends
  • Prevalent nutrition questions posed by clients.

A comprehensive report detailing results is now available on the Move Nutrition Network website.

Key Insights from Survey of Sports and Active Nutrition Practitioners:

There is a diverse range of practitioner recommendations within the sports and active nutrition space. The survey revealed that 73% of nutritionists, 61% of dietitians, and 41% of trainers are making sports nutrition recommendations.

  • Functional foods and supplements are consistently recommended by all three groups of practitioners.
  • The experts place an emphasis on gut/digestion and cognitive health in their advice to clients.
  • The majority of practitioners are forecasting an increase in their sports nutrition recommendations in coming the years. 

The survey results also reveal distinct paths for reaching dietitians, nutritionists, and trainers with ingredient and consumer brand information, creating opportunities for industry companies.

“As the active nutrition space continues to broaden its scope,” said Todd Pauli, Founder and Publisher of Move Nutrition Network, "the survey results show there is a tremendous opportunity for ingredient suppliers and brands to reach a growing base of consumers through the highly influential relationships practitioners build with their clients."

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