The Good Charcoal is made from acacia, a denser wood than oak and hickory, so it burns hotter and more evenly. 

This means you do not need to use as much charcoal for your BBQ, the company says. 

In Namibia, the overgrowth of the acacia through bush encroachment threatens open grasslands needed for people and wildlife alike. The company says bush encroachment is also endangering the cheetahs in Namibia that need these grasslands to hunt. The Good Charcoal found a way to turn the invasive acacia tree into a greener charcoal option that burns cleaner with no chemicals. The Good Charcoal is available in 8lb and 15.4lb bags. 

The Good Charcoal Company is partnering with local communities across the U.S. to support and sponsor free weekly BBQs to help Americans experiencing food insecurity.