Nature’s Market, Indianapolis, IN (2,000 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Natural Factors WellBetX Berberine
 Carlson Fish Oil
 Nature’s Plus Gold Multi 

FOOD: Bob’s Red Mill Flax Meal
 NOW Nuts
 Clean Eatz (full line) 

HABA: Herbatint Hair Color
 Castor Oil (all brands)
 NOW Essential Oils 

BEVERAGES: Prime Drink
 Penta Water
 Ghost Energy Drink 

UP & COMING: NMN (all brands)
 Tongat Ali (all brands)
 Nutristat Creatine



The Whole Earth Center, Princeton, NJ (6,000-8,000 SF) 

SUPPLEMENTS: Magnesium Glycinate (all brands)
 Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega
 Collagen Powder (all brands)

FOOD: Mountain Valley Sparkling Water
 Bionaturae Tomato Paste
 Vista Hermosa Flour Tortillas

HABA: EveryOne Lavender + Aloe 3in1 Soap
 Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Bar Soap  
 Kirk’s Unscented Bar Soap

BEVERAGES: Mountain Valley water
 GT’s Kombucha (all varieties)
Farm Juice (local fresh fruit and veggie juices)

UP & COMING: True Grace Women One Daily Women’s 40+ Multivitamin 
 Thousand Hills Ground Beef (refrigerated)
 Lively Vitamins Magnesium Glycinate 


Harvest Market, Spotsylvania, VA (2,500 SF) 

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature Made (full line)
 Klean Athlete (full line)

FOOD: Farm Fresh Eggs
 Ground Almond Butter
 Amy’s Kitchen Frozen Dinner

HABA: Spry (full line)
 Forest Essentials (full line)
 Naturcolor Herbal Hair Dye

BEVERAGES: Kefir (all brands)
 Coconut Water
 Organic Maple Water

UP & COMING: Solgar (full line)
 Bonnie’s Jams (full line)
 Lily of the Desert (full line)


Grass Roots Health Foods, Eagle River, WI (850 SF) 

SUPPLEMENTS: Terry Naturally Curamin
 Quercetin (all brands)
 Elderberry Syrup (all brands)

FOOD: Eggs (all brands)
 Local Honey  
 Apple Cider Vinegar (all brands)

HABA: Locally Made Bar Soap
 Everyone 3in1 Soaps
 Tea Tree Oil (all brands)

UP & COMING: Bravo Tea 6 Mushroom Defense
 Terry Naturally Blood Pressure Health
 Andalou Naturals Ultra Sheer Daily Defense SPF 18


Natural Rewards Health Food Store, Pearland, TX (2,700 SF)

SUPPLEMENTS: Michael’s D3 & K2 Naturopathic Programs
 CoQ10 (all brands)
 Terry Naturally CuraMed 750

FOOD Marina’s Keto Bakery
 Kenz Henz Natural Eggs
 Zydeco Chop Chop Seasoning

HABA Skin Drink 24/7 Extreme Wrinkle Fix
 Thyme Out
 Hyalogic Dark Circle Lightening Serum

 Pressed Juices Green Juice

UP & COMING: Enzymedica Magnesium Motion
 LifeSeasons NQ Calm Thinking Caps
 Natural Factors Liposomal Vitamin C


Trending Spotlight: 

Natural Hair Color

As SPINS shares in the beauty market update on page 44, the HABA category is performing beautifully. Scott Dicker of SPINS reports: “When looking at natural products in Beauty, we see that they outperformed their conventional counterparts by about 13 points, growing 19% in the past year. They now drive about 20% of the industry growth, even though they account for only 9% share.” 

In this month’s What’s Selling, hair color is in the spotlight in both the Midwest and the Southeast regions. HABA in general is a category to watch, Dicker says. “The surge in natural beauty products indicates an exciting phase of industry growth, and there’s a tremendous opportunity to be seized.” Read his report for lessons that can be leveraged to continue to transform the beauty space in our increasingly health-conscious world.