Study Confirms Aloe Can Treat, Prevent Ulcers

Herbalife shared the news of a recent study conducted by Herbalife scientists and published in the American Physiological Society. The research shows decolorized aloe vera polysaccharide enriched preparations have beneficial effects on human gastrointestinal cell lines, including soothing and healing wounds within the intestinal tract. In conclusion, the researchers reported: "It has been proposed that A. vera gel has the ability to treat or protect gastric ulcers and to alleviate intestinal discomfort in both in animals and humans. These activities have been attributed to several possible mechanisms, including its anti-inflammatory properties, healing effects, mucus-stimulatory effects and regulation of gastric secretions. Here we show that decolorized A. vera polysaccharide-enriched preparations can modulate gastrointestinal cell lines."

Korean Red Ginseng Can Ease Effects of Alcohol

Researchers at Sahmyook University in Korea studied the impact of Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) on alcohol-induced side effects such as cognitive deficits and withdrawal symptoms in mice. According to a press release from the University, the findings can lead to the development of improved herbal medications for alcohol addiction. 

Key findings of the research, which was led by Assistant Professor Mikyung Kim from the Uimyung Research Institute for Neuroscience at Sahmyook University, suggest that KRG may alleviate spatial working memory impairments and addictive responses in mice through its anti-neuroinflammatory activity. “We observed that spatial working memory was restored in KRG-treated mice exposed to alcohol," said Assistant Professor Kim. "Moreover, we also noted that mice treated with KRG and alcohol had reduced withdrawal symptoms. The crucial finding here is that a higher dose of KRG led to greater improvement.”

Quality of Saw Palmetto in Prostate Health Supps

In research published in the Journal of Urology Open Plus, seven saw palmetto products met the identity and potency standards that the experts said are needed to effectively address urinary tract symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. Lead study author and board-certified urologist Dr. Bilal Chughtai, reported that, of the 28 supplements included in the study, six of the lipid extracts and one multi-active product were found to have the appropriate dosage of 320 milligrams of saw palmetto extract and the minimum 80% fatty acids clinically shown to address inflammation and improve symptoms like increased urination, sudden urgency, weak stream and disrupted sleep. 

The blinded study was performed at Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing, Inc. Total fatty acid content ranged from 0.796% for a berry powder product to 89.923% for a lipid extract product. According to a press release on the findings issued by Valensa International, Valensa USPlus meet the criteria established in the US Pharmacopeia monograph for standardized saw palmetto extracts (min. 80% total fatty acids), met the lipid profile for an authentic product, and was found to contain the clinically effective dose of 320 mg. The company added that none of the berry powders met the criteria for clinical efficacy. 

“Only concentrated extract of mature saw palmetto berries has been found to inhibit the biological process by which testosterone gets converted to DHT, which leads to benign prostate enlargement,” said Dr. Bilal Chughtai, in the release. “This study not only confirms the rampant variability of saw palmetto products, but also highlights the need for physicians and industry to verify the quality of the supplements they’re recommending to patients and consumers to ensure the best results possible.”

Stephen Hill, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory of Valensa International, added, “Without studies like this to bring quality issues to light, it’s very difficult for consumers to know if they’re taking a supplement full of ‘sawdust’ that doesn’t do anything or a quality saw palmetto product that promotes your prostate health. By understanding the role that high-quality saw palmetto extract can play in men’s health, millions of men can benefit from this safe and natural solution to maintaining prostate health and possibly prevent or delay the need for more serious medical interventions down the line.”

Nattokinase Shown to Improve Blood Flow

Research published in CellPress shows nattokinase (a natural enzyme derived from the fermented soybean dish nattocan accelerate skin temperature recovery after cold water immersion. According to a press release from JBSL-USA the findings substantiate the results of a previous study that showed nattokinase improves blood flow. 

In this double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover intervention study, nine males were given a single dose of nattokinase or a placebo. Subjects then immersed their hands in a cold water bath for one minute, and skin temperature was then measured in intervals. The findings: Skin temperatures of the middle finger, palm, and back of the right hand recovered more quickly by nattokinase intake than by placebo intake. Nattokinase did not disturb the body’s normal circulatory response or sympathetic nervous system. JBSL-USA noted that the benefits of nattokinase for individuals who are more sensitive to the cold, such as women and the elderly, through its potential to prevent excessive vasoconstriction. 

Japan Bio Science Laboratory supplies NSK-SD, as well as other natto-derived health ingredients including nattokinase, Vitamin K2-MK7 and Bacillus Subtilis Natto.

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