Justin's launches bee campaign

Justin’s launched a new campaign aimed at educating people about the important role pollinators play in our food system. In partnership with the National Honey Board, Justin’s invites fans to visit JustinsNutsAboutBees.com to learn how pollinators help ensure foods like almonds and other ingredients in the company's products are available for years to come, along with simple ways we can all support the bees. By taking a digital pledge to plant for pollinators during June’s National Pollinators Month, participants will be entered in a Justin’s giveaway for a chance to win prizes valued at more than $3,500. To further demonstrate its commitment to pollinators, Justin’s is also donating $33,000 to Project Apis. 

Nutrasource receives IFOS standard certification

Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services announced that FMW Corp., a client of Certifications by Nutrasource has received approval for labelling and advertising using the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) logo. This marks the first time in Korea for a Korean-manufactured supplement product to use third-party IFOS labels without either importing ingredients or manufacturing outside of Korea. 

BGG World receives patent 

BGG World announced that it has received a Japanese patent for developing an innovative method for identification of Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens), a small palm native to a limited area of southeast U.S. Berries are wild-harvested (mainly in Florida, but also in South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia) when ripe and then dried before going through an extraction process for the production of Saw Palmetto oil. BGG’s new method uses HPLC to ensure Saw Palmetto oil contains minor components unique to Serenoa. The Japanese Patent Office granted a patent for this innovative analytical method (Japanese Patent #7217134 “Determination of Saw Palmetto Oil”). It is much simpler, yet significantly more precise, than previously reported methods, the company says.

Sempera Organics signs collaboration agreement

Sempera Organics has signed a collaboration agreement with Alkemist Labs whereby testing protocols will be developed to advance research and commercialization of mushrooms for health and wellness. Sempera is also signing on the Alkemist Assured program to demonstrate the company’s supply chain transparency. Under the terms of the agreement, Sempera and Alkemist will collaborate on various fronts geared towards improving and developing protocols for testing fungi-derived bio-actives and creating robust standards for measuring quality, purity and identity.

Mushroom Council hosts recipe contest

The Mushroom Council has kicked off its first-ever “Mix It Up With Mushrooms” contest in collaboration with Allrecipes for a multimedia campaign encouraging grocery shoppers to buy more mushrooms to blend into classic ground meat or meat alternatives. The contest will feature five original main-dish recipes created by five different Allrecipes Allstars home cooks, all vying to be selected by the voting public as the best. Now through July 14, consumers can vote for their favorite mushroom + meat recipes created by the five Allrecipes Allstars and featured on Allrecipes’ “Mix It Up with Mushrooms” contest landing page here. Users who vote will be entered for a chance to win $1,000, while the Allrecipes Allstar whose recipe earns the most votes will receive $5,000. 

Entrinsic Bioscience reveals research for hydration

Entrinsic Bioscience (EBS) and the University of Florida revealed findings that the experts hope will change the way we understand amino acid combinations and represents the next generation of Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS). The study demonstrated that Entrinsic's AA-ORS was superior to WHO-ORS in increasing electrolyte and fluid absorption in the presence of cholera toxin, decreasing epithelial anion channel activity and improving intestinal barrier function. This advanced ORS formulation will now undergo testing in clinical trials for validation as a new treatment option in patients with infectious diarrhea. These findings are expected to have a significant impact on the field as they represent a breakthrough in rehydration technology. 

GIG Cares extends teen summit registration

GIG Cares announced that the registration window for the 2023 Generation GF Teen Summit has been extended until June 15. The event, being held at The Ridgeline Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado from June 26-29, will offer an experience for teens facing a restricted, gluten-free diet. Together with their families, attendees will participate in discussions relevant to the everyday challenges of being a gluten-free teenager. The goal of the Teen Summit is to instill confidence in the teenaged participants and support them in becoming capable and self-assured gluten-free adults. To meet this goal, the teens and their families will participate in engaging and insightful discussions about the situations they will continue to navigate as people living gluten-free, in addition to educational sessions specifically designed for gluten-free teens. To learn more or register, visit the GIG Cares Teen Summit website www.gigcares.org/teen-summit-2023.

Gnosis releases findings on SAMe

Gnosis by Lesaffre shared new research findings published in Nutrients. The findings showed that S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) supplementation can be an effective option for breastfeeding mothers. The study compared several biofluids (breast milk, maternal blood plasma, cord blood plasma, adult blood plasma, and cerebrospinal fluid). Analysis showed that the SAMe levels in maternal and adult plasma are not significantly different, suggesting that the high SAMe content observed in breast milk is derived from the breast tissue and not circulating plasma. The findings in this study are notable as breastfeeding mothers may use oral SAMe supplementation to reduce the risk of the onset of postpartum depression, as research indicates it can improve serotonin and dopamine receptor site binding, the company shared. Moreover, the authors conclude, the study suggests the need to further investigate the role of SAMe in breast milk and opens opportunities to discuss a revision of milk formula compositions.

Epax releases ESG Report 

Epax has reported close to total circularity for its marine biomaterials due to its strict zero-waste policy. The achievement was announced in the Norwegian marine lipid specialist’s first Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, in which it commits to increase the figure to 98% by the end of 2023. The ESG report also provides an overview of other measures the company has taken to minimize its environmental impact, promote social responsibility across the supply chain and improve corporate governance. These have already resulted in a 33% reduction in fuel oil use since 2019 and a 13.3% cut in CO2 emissions since 2020. The new ESG strategy builds on Epax’s first environmental stewardship policy, EcoVision. The report sets out 12 goals to be achieved by 2030, including 100% renewable energy usage in Epax’s Ålesund factory by 2025, using 80% less potable water by 2025 compared to 2021, and achieving an absolute reduction in CO2 emissions year-on-year to 2030. Epax’s 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report is available at www.epax.com/esg-report.

Wicked Kitchen acquires Current Foods

Wicked Kitchen announced the acquisition of Current Foods, an alt-protein startup that provides plant-based seafood to food service and fine dining locations in the U.S. and Europe. Current Foods is the second acquisition by Wicked Kitchen within a year in a move that CEO Pete Speranza says is accretive to Wicked Kitchen’s portfolio, focuses on an exciting growth segment, and is reflective of the plant-based industry’s need for consolidation. The two purpose-driven brands are coming together to support one mission: creating amazing foods that work towards improving the environment and the lives of humans, animals, and sea life by inspiring the world to eat more plants.

Gelita achieves carbon emissions reduction targets

GELITA said the company is on track to achieve its long term carbon neutrality targets. In its eighth Sustainability Report, the company documented the progress it made between 2020 and 2022 against its sustainability commitments, covering the three dimensions of an ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) framework for the first time. A 50% reduction in Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions by 2030 (with 2020 as the base level) is an important incremental target for realizing these net zero ambitions. The company reduced its GHG emissions by 10% between 2020 and 2022, setting it on course to hit this milestone. The opening of a new gas-fired power station as an intermediate step towards a fossil-free solution at its site in Beaudesert, Australia, and an investment in a new spray dryer in Minden, Germany, were two recent projects that fed into its carbon reduction efforts.

Nektium announces distribution partnerships

Nektium has announced three new global distribution partnerships for its clinically researched, branded botanical extracts. The Spain-based company has confirmed two distribution agreements in Europe and one in Japan as part of its long-term strategy to grow international sales. Food ingredient and nutraceutical distribution specialist Deimos will distribute Nektium’s portfolio in Italy. Nektium has also formalized its existing partnership with French plant extract specialist Becarre Natural, which will be the exclusive distributor of its products throughout France, Belgium, and Luxemburg. Ryusendo has signed a Japanese distribution agreement for Rhodiolife, which it launched at ifia/HFE Japan in May. 

Mind Blown, PLNT Burger partner

Mind Blown, by The Plant Based Seafood Co., has partnered with PLNT Burger to launch New Bay Crab Cake Sandwich. PLNT Burger is a plant-based fast-casual burger chain founded by Spike Mendelsohn. The new product will be available in PLNT Burger’s DC, Maryland, and Virginia shops through Labor Day weekend. Each crab cake offers 11g of protein and has the same texture and taste of a traditional crab cake. 1% of profits will go to support the restoring of coral reefs worldwide through their partnership with the Coral Restoration Foundation.