As major trade shows and events remain cancelled or postponed for the second year in a row amid COVID-19 concerns, we need every tool available to help us stay connected with our colleagues in the natural products community. And you’re looking at one of the best tools out there: the annualWholeFoods Magazine Source Directory, which has been keeping the industry connected for decades. Need to find a new source for a key ingredient? Help with marketing? Distribution? You’ll find the information you are looking for right here, without having to search through a bunch of different company websites to get the answers you need. This directory, which is one of the most comprehensive directories available to the industry, delivers information on thousands of companies. And we have cross-indexed that information in multiple ways, so you can find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

The print version of this directory is compiled from our online sourcebook, which you can access If your company moves to a new location, a key contact person changes, or you add new products to your offerings, you can visit the website to update your information at any time throughout the year. That said, it’s been quite a year for everyone in the industry, and there have been changes for many companies. Please know that we worked hard to compile the information in this directory, but if there is something that needs to be updated, we’re here to help—simply email us at with the subject line “2021 Source Directory” and we will get your information updated onwww.NaturalProductFinder.comas soon as possible.

How to Get the Most from this Directory On page 2, you’ll find the Table of Contents, which offers a quick overview of everything in this directory, and where to find it. That includes where to locate alphabetical listings of Distributors, Brokers, Media Companies, Associations, Consultants/Service Companies, Manufacturers/Importers/Growers (companies that sell finished, branded products primarily to distributors and/or retailers) and Industry Suppliers (companies that offer services such as supplying raw materials, product ingredients and contract manufacturing).

If you are looking for a specific product category, flip to page 2. Hundreds of product categories are broken into six main sections:
  • Grocery
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Herbs
  • Health and Beauty Aids (HABA)
  • Manufacturing Equipment/Services
  • Miscellaneous
For a more detailed breakdown to help you locate the exact ingredient you need, turn to the Source Directory Index on page 18—it tells you where to locate all of the main sections of the directory as well as all product categories, from acai berry to zinc.

If you know a trade name but aren’t sure who makes that brand, flip to the listings of Brand Names on page 173 to find the company, and then you can look that company up in the alphabetical listings to find the contact information and website.

As you can see, this comprehensive directory is a major effort, so I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of the advertisers who helped make this Source Directory possible. Your support helps us deliver this information to the entire industry. Advertisers can be identified through the bold print and logos found throughout this directory. Turn to the Ad Index on page 184 to find each advertisement. Don't have the physical copy on hand? You can view the Digital Edition here.

As we have been for more than 35 years,WholeFoods Magazine is here to help you grow your business with this resource and many others. Go to from phone, tablet, or desktop) to find expanded listings, including product images, company profiles, videos, white papers and sales sheets.You can also find more information on how to use the SourceBook Online