Three independent global studies showed positive reduction against COVID-19 and upper respiratory illnesses when consuming BLIS K12, according to a press release from Blis Technologies. The company released the three studies in a white paper to demonstrate the benefit of BLIS K12 for respiratory health for both adults and children, and outlined highlights of each:

No Children Tested Positive for COVID-19

A randomized controlled trial examined the occurrence of COVID-19 in a population of 128 school aged children. As explained in the release, over the 90-day treatment period, none of the 64 children consuming BLIS K12 tested positive for COVID-19; 38% of those in the group not taking the probiotic tested positive.

95.5% Decrease in Days Absent from Work

A randomized control trial looked at 193 frontline healthcare workers to investigate the prevalence, duration, and number of days absent from work due to respiratory infections. The finding: taking two BLIS K12 lozenges daily for one month reduced frequency of respiratory infections by 64.8%, lessened the duration of respiratory tract infections and oral ulcers by 78%, and decreased days absent from work by 95.5%.

Fewer Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections

In an open randomized trial looking at recurrent respiratory tract infections in children, probiotic application of BLIS K12 for 30 days, together with conventional treatments, reduced the rate of recurrence of upper respiratory tract infections from 34% to 15%. Children consuming BLIS K12 had shorter and more moderate symptoms, according to the release, and reduced absence from school, as well as less antibiotic and anti-viral treatment.

Role of Oral Microbiome in Overall Health

“We always say that the mouth is the gateway to the body, and these studies help validate the role the oral microbiome plays to our overall health and immunity,” says John Hale, Ph.D., Blis Technologies Chief Technology Officer, in the release. “Daily consumption of BLIS K12 helps to keep the bad bacteria out, optimizing your body’s natural ability to defend against airborne germs and potential threats."