Good news from the experts at SPINS: Trends suggest a positive shift for brick-and-mortar.

“We’re seeing more consumers go back to the way that they were shopping traditionally. Not everybody, but during the beginning of COVID consumers didn’t have an option. They had to buy online because stores were closed, or because they were being cautious, so a lot of that demand shifted to Amazon,” reported Dan Harari, General Manager, E-Commerce Solutions at SPINS, speaking at the Naturally Informed virtual eventStress and Mental Wellness: Mastering the Market (available to view on demand now). “Now we’re starting to see people go back to their routines, and so some of that demand is shifting back to brick-and-mortar. It’s more of a normalization of what to expert in the future.”

Getting back to old routines is a plus, and there may be another factor coming into play as well.

Educated consumers want brands that are trustworthy and transparent. And more consumers may realize that the place to get vetted, quality products is at their local natural products retailers. For 2022 Person of the Year, we are recognizing organizations in the natural products industry that have been raising awareness about concerns with quality and transparency sold on Read about their efforts.

Consumers also want products that work. Those who favor clean, organic food and who turn to dietary supplements to support wellbeing are not investing their time, effort, and money so they can feel “okay.” They want results. They want to know…and know quickly…that what they are doing is making a positive difference. They want tofeelthat difference.

At SupplySide West in Las Vegas last month, I had the pleasure of speaking with many industry players

TheWholeFoodsteam got up-to-date on the latest science and learning about the trends that will be driving sales in 2023. Throughout the event, there was one word I heard again and again:Experiential.

Ingredient suppliers and innovators have heard the consumer feedback loud and clear, and are working hard to help bring products to market that consumers know work because they actively feel them working. One example: development of novel and innovative advanced delivery systems.Pharmako was educating on this topic, discussing liposome-based encapsulation and delivery. The company reported that the technology helps deliver results that consumers notice…and notice quickly. (ReadThe Nutraceutical Market & Novel Advanced Delivery Systems to learn more.)

Nutriventia, too, focused on results you can feel, noting that its ingredients offer perceivable effects. The company was showcasing its sustained-release Prolanza ashwagandha, which is backed by a study showing superior absorption. And, they shared, consumers see benefits to sleep quality in seven days.

At theNutrition21booth, experts were spotlighting nooLVL, a patented complex of Bonded Arginine and Silicon with an additional optimized dose of Inositol. The company says this non-stimulant ingredient boosts cognitive performance in esports, and it worksfast, with results in 15 minutes!

Another innovative approach to help create an experience for consumers: Flavor and aroma coating technologies on capsules, which was a focus at theLonzabooth. Coatings such as calming lavender or energizing cinnamon help create ritual-like, habit-forming experiences.

That is just a tiny sampling of science and innovation from the SSW show floor—theWholeFoodsMagazine team will be delivering much more, so stay tuned towww.WholeFoodsMagazine.comfor updates.