"Word hard, work smart, live every day like it will be your last, and one day you'll be right."

—Greg Arabatzis

A Look at the Legacy

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Greg Arabatzis, Vice President Practitioner Division

In 2004, Dr. CharlesBrenner discovered nicotinamide riboside (NR) could increase levels of a vital cellular resource. This resource is a central regulator in energy metabolism and is believed to play an important role in healthy human aging. Although NR is a naturally occurring vitamin in milk, it’s only found in trace amounts. Based on Dr. Brenner’s patents and the established techniques ofChromaDex, NR was exclusively licensed and developed as NIAGEN®. The company sells the product in the Sports Nutrition, HCP and Endurance Training markets.

Creating a Buzz

“We recently introduced an Immune product that is gaining a tremendous amount of interest,” says Greg Arabatzis. “Also, we place more focus on the HCP and sports nutrition markets. We work with high-level brand ambassadors, such as Paul O’Neill of the NY Yankees. O'Neill is currently a broadcaster for the Yankees on YES Network, and he has new a best-selling book,Swing and a Hit: Nine Innings of What Baseball Taught Me. This Yankee's legend will have his #21 retired by the Yankees on August 21, 2022.”

In the book, O'Neill reveals that he nearly came out of retirement following the 2002 season. In the shape he’s in today, the five-time All Star, who has five World Series rings, looks like he could jump back into right field at Yankee Stadium tomorrow, and he's 58! O'Neill had this to say about his experience as a TRU NIAGEN®brand ambassador: “I’ve been on TRU NIAGEN®  for over two years. My life these days is fitness and training, and I notice a difference in my work outs and overall energy. My son, Andy O’Neill, M.D., understands and appreciates the science behind TRU NIAGEN®and neither one of us would go a day without it."

Delivering What People Need

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Greg with Former Yankee, Paul O'Neill

ChromaDex is focused on delivering positive experiences like that, and helping people feel their best. As CEO Rob Fried has noted, “Perhaps more than ever before, we are focusing on what really matters. Checking in on neighbors, sharing the latest scientific information, video chatting with family, friends, and colleagues—our society has stepped up in an extraordinary way to support one another. It seems the best of us emerges during the toughest of times.“

That caring, people-centric approach makes ChromaDex a special organization that makes employees happy to be part of the team. Arabatzis says he feels fortunate to work at a company that offers a product that helps people maintain cellular health. “TRU NIAGEN®increases your levels of NAD+, which is critical to generating energy within the trillions of cells throughout your body,” he explains. “These levels decline not only with age but also with physiological stress on your body. Without NAD+, your cells cannot function properly, and neither can you.”

The science behind NAD+, NIAGEN®, and cellular health continues to grow at an unparalleled rate. “That is why I send TRU NIAGEN®to my loved ones,” says Fried, “and I encourage the TRU NIAGEN®community to share the science as well.”

Pioneers in the Market

Paul O'Neil and Son
Former Yankee, Paul O'Neill with Son

ChromaDex is a global bioscience company dedicated to healthy aging. The team includes world-renowned scientists working to pioneer research on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), levels of which decline with age. The company is the innovator behind NAD+ precursor nicotinamide riboside (NR), commercialized as the flagship ingredient NIAGEN®. Nicotinamide riboside and other NAD+ precursors are protected by the company's patent portfolio. “We deliver NIAGEN®as the sole active ingredient in our consumer product TRU NIAGEN®,” says Arabatzis. The company also has a business unit focused on natural product fine chemicals (known as phytochemicals). And ChromaDex, Inc. is listed on NASDAQ, stock name CDXC.

High Standards

Science is dear to the company's Core Philosophy. ChromaDex also associates with several national and international organizations within the Natural Products industry that share that commitment to high standards. Some of these great partners include: the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), the American Botanical Council (ABC), and AOAC International.

Focus on Research & Quality

Arabatzis points to several highlights:

Safe: NIAGEN® is the only proprietary nicotinamide riboside that is approved as a New Dietary Ingredient and that has achieved GRAS status.

Patented: 14 licensed global patents or patents pending.

Effective: NIAGEN® raises NAD levels in humans. NIAGEN® has reached the significant milestone of 18 human clinical trials in various stages of completion, with 11 of these trials looking at specific efficacy endpoints.

Recognized by the Industry

The ChromaDex External Research Program (CERPTM) was recently awarded a 2022 European NutraIngredients Award in the “Nutrition Research Project” for developing the science behind ChromaDex’s proprietary and patented NIAGEN®nicotinamide riboside (NR) ingredient. CERP is an essential component of ChromaDex’s Research and Development Program, where NIAGEN®and other materials (bulk, clinical, and matching placebo) are provided, in kind, for outstanding research proposals. Additionally, a group of ChromaDex interdisciplinary scientists supports the technical and intellectual property needs of investigators, presents research at conferences, and is helping to uncover the benefits of NIAGEN®and NAD+ within the healthy aging research community on a global scale.

Mentoring Philosophy

"Within the HPC channel, we focus on a collaborative approach with our employees and customers,” says Arabatzis.

Words of Wisdom

Arabatzis shares the philosophy that drives his success: “Work hard, work smart, live every day like it will be your last, and one day you’ll be right.”