Whey permeate can now be exported to China for use in food and beverage products, according to a press release from Arla Foods Ingredients.

On May 15, China published anofficial safety and quality standardfor using permeate powders in food processing, signifying that its market is ready to accept imports of the ingredient. The development is a result of a recent trade agreement with the U.S., according to the press release, but the standard applies globally.

Whey permeate is a milk solid with around 80% lactose content. The press release notes that it is a cost-effective replacement for skimmed milk powder, lactose, and sweet whey powder. The release cites Innova, which found that the number of new products containing whey permeate has gone from 169 in 2015 to 387 in 2019.
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Henrik Jacob Hjortshoej, Head of Sales Development, Food at Arla Foods Ingredients, said in the release: “The opening of the Chinese market to permeate exports is highly significant for the global dairy ingredient industry. Demand for permeate is rising fast in China, just as it is across the world. We look forward to working with our customers in China to supply them with the highest quality whey permeate powder for their food and beverage applications.”