Brevard, NC—Gaia Herbs is now accepting applications for $5,000 grants via theGaia Herbs Roots Initiative, according to a press release.

The program is exclusive to organizations based in the U.S. that are working to increase herbal access to drive community empowerment and health, including social enterprises, non-profit organizations, small businesses, individual herbalists, and naturopaths. Types of projects the initiative will fund include herbal educational programs, free clinics, mobile clinics, herbal farming, and community garden projects.

To apply, organizations must complete theofficial applicationand provide a quarterly progress report on the project. Organizations must be willing to allow Gaia Herbs to share the organization’s story. Applications are open until July 31. The four winners will be announced in August.
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“Gaia Herbs has a strong foundation of advocating for farmer prosperity and environmental regeneration through our Gaia Roots program,” said Alison Czeczuga, Sustainability and Social Impact Manager of Gaia Herbs, in the press release. “This year, we have broadened the emphasis for our small grants program to focus on projects expanding herbal access to underserved communities, supporting health and personal empowerment in these regions. There is a critical need in this area and our grants program will help communities develop and strengthen programs that bring herbs and herbal products to marginalized populations in a time when they are most urgently needed.”

“This year within Western North Carolina, we’ve given away over 16,500 certified organic vegetable and medicinal herb seedlings to both non-profits who are fighting food insecurity, as well as our own employees,” added Angela McElwee, President and CEO of Gaia Herbs. “The Gaia Herbs Farm provides for not only our supply chain in creating herbal products, but also for our team and communities. In seeking to expand that powerful impact beyond the footprint of our own land, Gaia Roots was born. Our Gaia Roots small grants program represents the heart of our social impact work, enabling us to connect people and plants in meaningful, empowering ways. As a Certified B Corporation, we remain committed to using business as a force for good and are proud to be able to award financial grants to organizations providing greater herbal access to those in need.”