Newark, NJ—Whole Cities Foundation, which was founded and is funded by Whole Foods Market and works alongside community-based organizations to improve neighborhood health, announced in a press release that Newark organizations can apply now for $150,000 in grants through February 20.

The foundation has been providing funding to Newark’s community-based health and food initiatives since 2017, the release says. This grant funding launches an additional three-year commitment, which will include a total of $555,000 for Newark’s local initiatives, and brings the total amount of donations to over $1 million.

Ten grants will be awarded, at $15,000 each. Applications can be submittedonline here.

Grant partners have included community gardens, urban farms, healthy cooking classes, farmers markets, agriculture-skills development programs, and other initiatives to help create long-term healthy food access solutions.
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Dianna Purcell, Senior Grant Program Manager at Whole Cities Foundation, said in the release: “Since day one, Whole Cities Foundation’s support in Newark has been shaped by input from local farmers, gardeners, elected officials, and other community leaders entrenched in grassroots efforts in their community. By partnering with these experts, we have gained insight on how to amplify their efforts and best support the growth of the local food system.”

Tobias Fox, Founder and Managing Director of community-driven nonprofit Newark Science and Sustainability, added: “Whole Cities Foundation was able to support overlooked initiatives that demonstrated innovation and that were also carried by residents. This led to an increase of healthy food access projects through the city, which gave birth to the Newark Community Food System that focuses on actionable steps to empower residents to become actively involved in reshaping their food system, while gaining control of their health and environment.”

For more information on Whole Cities Foundation and current grant partners in Newark, NJ,go here.