Fruit d'Or, an international company that specializes in cranberry and blueberry processing, is holding cranberry manufacturers to higher standards by performing a multitude of tests encompassing the entire cranberry manufacturing process this year.

The company's goal is to influence cranberry suppliers to establish higher quality testing standards, be accountable for safety, efficacy and conform to a standardization of the cranberry that they are selling to manufacturers.

With issues like adulteration, adhesion and safety, the research team at Fruit d'Or is looking forward to upgrading the cranberry standard.

Christian Krueger, CEO of Complete Phytochemical Solutions, LLC, will be lead the research team by testing 20 retail cranberry products made from cranberry powder purchased from other suppliers for soluble PAC levels using the DMAC test method and reference standards A2 and C-PAC.

Once the product’s cranberry is authenticated, it will be sent to Amy B. Howell, Ph.D, an associate research scientist at the Marucci Center for Blueberry and Cranberry Research at Rutgers University, for uropathogenic bacterial anti-adhesion testing, said Stephen Lukawski, Fruit d'Or director of Sales and Business Development in a press release.

After the cranberry products are tested for anti-adhesion activity they will be sent to USP for further testing to determine possible adulteration of foreign contaminants.

Test results will remain confidential and will be offered to industry suppliers who participated in the testing process.

For further information on this cranberry testing program, please contact Stephen Lukawski