Seattle, WA—Viome has acquired Habit from Campbell Soup Company, according to a press release.

Habit is a personalized nutrition company; Viome uses artificial intelligence to understand the body at a molecular level, targeting the bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungus, and mold that work within the body to provide nutrition.

The press release says that this allows Viome to offer consumers both complete insight into the body, and the ability to translate those insights into nutritional recommendations. The acquisition also allows Viome to tap into Habit’s insights for consumer behavior modification, so Viome can offer consumers the tools necessary to implement Habit’s recommendations.

Viome founder and CEO Naveen Jain said in the release, “We now have the perfect articulation of personalized health. I have always admired Habit’s ability to engage and motivate the consumer. Combined with Viome’s deep insights from the microbiome, we are able to see the complete story our body is telling us about our overall health.”

Habit founder and CEO, Neil Grimmer, said in the release, “With the advent of big data and computational biology, I believe it’s possible to provide everyone in this country and around the world a personalized blueprint to achieve their health and wellness goals.”