New York—Vegans and vegetarians can expand their food choices: Taco Bell is testing out a vegetarian menu board in some restaurants and unveiling limited-time vegetarian and vegan items,according to CNN.

Taco Bell has already made itself welcoming to vegetarians, CNN points out, with a “Make it Meatless” feature on their app and website showing people how to customize orders to exclude meat or dairy. It’s been offering certified vegetarian options since 2015. This is, however, the first time Taco Bell will highlight the vegetarian menu in stores.

Elizabeth Matthews, Taco Bell’s chief food innovation officer, told CNN, “We’ve always been a safe haven for vegetarians because we already have so many options. Many people just don’t know it.” She also said that this is unrelated to New Year’s dietary resolutions; it’s just another sign that Taco Bell is committed to its vegetarian and vegan customers.

Moreover,according to QSR Magazine, Taco Bell has removed all artificial colors and flavors from its core menu, and intends to continue removing preservatives and additives from its food. It also intends to make 100% of its cups recyclable by 2021.

White Castle, too, has a new vegetarian option – the Impossible™ slider, made with wheat protein and potato protein. It doesn’t yet have a vegan cheese, butaccording to the company’s FAQ, they’re working on it.

And that probably won’t be the end of it: Futurism reportedthat McDonald’s is keeping its eye on plant-based protein. The world is only getting more veg-friendly.