Des Moines, IA—Kemin Industries released a statement sharing the results of a recent study that found that natural plant extracts protect food from oxidation just as well as synthetic antioxidants.

The study examined lipid oxidation and off-flavor development in cooked frozen pork sausage patties over a period of 12 months. Kemin’s clean-labelFORTIUM R10Dry rosemary extract delayed oxidation better than untreated pork patties, butFORTIUM RGT12Plus Dry, a blend of rosemary and green tea, prevented oxidation as effectively as synthetic options over the course of 12 months. FORTIUM RGT12 Plus Dry also maintained higher scores with sensory panelists than pork patties treated with synthetic preservatives.

The process of cooking, freezing, and reheating makes cooked, frozen meat products susceptible to oxidation and the development of a warmed-over flavor during shelf life. As the clean label movement gains steam, the press release suggests, the necessity of a clean-label alternative to synthetic antioxidants is gaining urgency.

Kemin is a global ingredient manufacturer with more than 500 specialty ingredients made for a variety of industries.