Dummerston, VT –Paul and Barbi Schulick officially announced their next chapter byOM life, LLC, and it will focus on nourishing and healing the body, work culture and entire world community. The first products in botanical skincare are scheduled for release at the end of Q1 2019, just in time for Expo West. The company named as president Kelli Rooney Hanzalik, who worked with the couple at New Chapter for 19 years.

As part of their separation from parent Procter & Gamble, the Schulicks are prohibited from competing directly, but hinted they are preparing to return to the nutraceuticals market in the summer of 2020.

Named for the term “biome,” a naturally occurring community, byOM’s first products “will represent a radically transparent approach to skin health. We hope to call out the beauty industry and inform consumers about what they’re putting on, and thereforein, their bodies,” he said in a statement.

“Too often, skin care lines ignore the complexity and biodiversity of the skin. They may mean well when they include healthful botanicals and extracts in their formulas, but then they offset the benefits with potentially irritating compounds," he added.

Through byOM, the team vows to "give back" to the community and global biomes by donating a robust percentage of actual gross revenues to housing and climate initiatives. Also key to their company philosophy is raising consciousness through meditation and consumer education, creating a culture of ownership for employees, and offering true solutions to the current healthcare crisis.

"There is more need now than ever for our individual and world biomes to heal,” said Schulick, 65,who said in an earlier interview he would not retire. “Age and experience can actually work to our benefit towards making an even more powerful contribution this time around."

When their departure from P&G was announced, Schulick expressed concern with continued product integrity under the increased pressures of a publicly held company. The Schulicks sold their company six years ago.