London, England—The global organic food industry is undergoing consolidation, according to  Ecovia Intelligence. The company noted in a press release that in one week in April alone, three major deals involved established organic food companies in Europe and North America. Royal Wessanen was acquired by an investment consortium, which also owns Alter Eco, Whole Earth, and Isola Bio, along with several other organic brands. Earthbound Farm was purchased by Taylor Farms.Bolthouse Farms was sold by Campbell Soup to Butterfly Equity.

According to Ecovia, more deals are one the horizon as the organic food industry consolidates, with large companies looking to take significant positions. That said, Ecovia notes that acquiring successful organic food companies is no guarantee of market success. The company pointed to Organic Valley with its second year of losses due to increasing competition, and noted that there is a concern that consumers will shun organic brands if they are no longer true to their "green roots."