Natural Habitats USA, Inc., has moved its headquarters from Richmond, CA to 948 North Street in North Boulder, CO 80304. The company is the world’s leading organic palm oil company and is raising the standards for truly responsible palm oil.

The group is also adding three additions to its growing team: Andy Thornton, appointed as COO of the Organic Animal Nutrition division of Natural Habitats USA; Adriane Pilcher was named Marketing Director of the Natural Habitats Group; and Nancy Schoemann is appointed as the Logistics and Administrative Manager, Natural Habitats USA, Inc.

“Natural Habitats is rapidly growing the organic ingredients business, especially with organic palm oil. As the epicenter of natural products, Boulder is a perfect fit,” says Mark Retzloff, long-time natural foods entrepreneur, industry icon and chairman of the Natural Habitats Board. “Natural Habitats is perfectly positioned to serve the organic-minded brands located in Boulder and beyond, and the company is leading the responsible palm oil cause with Palm Done Right, a movement around organic palm, which sets the company apart from everyone else in the industry.”

In the words of Neil Blomquist, natural foods veteran, former CEO of Spectrum Organic and managing director of Natural Habitats USA, Inc., “Andy, Adriane and Nancy all bring unique backgrounds to the team, and will be key contributors in building the organic palm oil business and spreading the Palm Done Right message. As Natural Habitats is a mission-driven company, it is integral that the members of the team be aligned with our values, and these three individuals embody the organic integrity the company was founded upon.”

Strategic support and day-to-day operations of the Natural Habitats organic palm oil business will benefit from the three new additions to the Natural Habitat Boulder team.

Andy Thornton has worked with non-profits, social enterprise and the palm oil industry for over a decade and will oversee the division known as the Organic Animal Nutrition portion of Natural Habitats USA, which is solely focused on the improvement of organic animal nutrition through the application of organics palm oil.

Adriane Pilcher, now Marketing Director of Natural Habitats Group, brings seven years of experience managing Earth Balance Brand for Boulder Brands. Previous to her career at Boulder Brands, Adriane was owner of a marketing consulting firm committed to assisting natural products start-ups and small companies realize their potential.  Along with being a member of the Women’s Council and university of Colorado Mentorship Program, Adriane currently serves as Co-VP of Naturally Boulder.