The leader of Solgar Vitamins' production facility for 30 years, Nathan “Nat” L. Skop passed away on Friday, April 24 at the age of 89.

In Memoriam: Nathan L. SkopSkop started his professional career in the pharmaceuticals industry. He brought his high standards with him to Solgar Vitamins in 1972. His standards, which “far exceeded the industry norm and existing regulatory requirements,” according to a press release, helped initiate Oxford Laboratories, Solgar’s original in-house manufacturing facility in Guttenberg, N.J.

"I learned to appreciate the pressure that he was under, trying to make high-potency supplements with natural ingredients that didn’t want to conform to his high standards," said Lourdes Villaverde, a former colleague of Skop's.

He became known as “the man who enforces the tough standards at Solgar” due to his work improving the quality of supplements. His photo was featured on an advertising campaign with the headline: “Mr. Skop is actually a very nice man. Just don’t mess with his vitamins.”

"Dad was a man who was demanding yet reasonable, tough yet fair, feared by some yet respected by all, including his employees and vendors alike," said Mitch Skop, who is the senior director of new product development for Phamachem Laboratories, Inc. 

He is remembered by his two sons, who followed their father in the industry: Mitch and Bruce Skop who is the senior vice president of brand and business development for Windmill Vitamins.

"My father was a pioneer in the natural products and nutraceutical industry," said Bruce Skop. "He helped blaze the trail that resulted in advancing the legitimacy of our industry today."

Posted on 4/28/15