London, England—Following the "shocking findings of ascientific reviewexposing the true extent of global malnutrition," IADSA has developed a newMind the Gap that highlights the  science, titledWake-up Call: Experts sound the alarm over micronutrient deficiencies.

According to the study, which was published inThe Lancet, more than half of preschool-age children and over two-thirds of non-pregnant women of reproductive age worldwide have a micronutrient deficiency. In the new Mind the Gap, IADSA explains the study's key conclusions and considers how best to address the problem.

As IADSA explains, researchers looked at data for deficiencies in iron, zinc and vitamin A in preschool-age children, and iron, zinc, and folate in non-pregnant women of reproductive age. The burden of deficiency in at least one micronutrient was 56% for children and 69% for women. Levels of malnutrition were at their worst in the developing world but were also widespread in high-income countries.