The Naturally Informed eventImmunity: Mastering the Marketfeatured—among other things—deep-dives on single ingredients.

One top ingredient: carotenoids. Karin Hermoni, Ph.D., Head of Product at Lycored, gave the presentation “Skin Immunity,” in which she explained: “Carotenoids are natural plant components. They build up, like a reservoir of goodness, to be there when we need it. They help us with our stress response, or help us cultivate our calm response. Carotenoids help us cultivate calmness on a cellular level.” She delved into the science behind carotenoids, and how they help support the skin barrier, not to mention the immune importance of doing so: “When our skin is dry and scaly, it is less efficient as a barrier, and it is less able to protect us from bacteria.” Plus, she added, we have skin immune cells, which keep our skin healthy—and keep us healthy.

Ruud Albers, Founder and CSO, NutriLeads BV, presented on BeniCaros, an immune health ingredient from carrot pomace. Besides the science, he also gave a crash course on the art of pivoting: Originally, BeniCaros was supposed to come from ginseng, which was shown in human trials to prime immune function and reduce respiratory infections—but there were regulatory barriers, not to mention sustainability and supply chain struggles. Albers and his team identified the active component in ginseng, went hunting for an equivalent, and found it in carrots. Albers continued on to explain that BeniCaros has a dual mode of action: It prepares the immune system to become more responsive, and it increases metabolite production through beneficial gut microorganisms. Plus, he walked attendees through the studies backing the ingredient.

Sue Hewlings, Ph.D., was one of three presenters in the “3 Major Lessons from COVID” session, during which she focused on an immunity standout: vitamin D. Some stats she shared:
  • 41% of U.S. adults have vitamin D insufficiency
  • 60% of U.S. nursing home residents have vitamin D deficiency
  • 50% of people globally have vitamin D insufficiency
On behalf of the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s “Vitamin D & Me” site, Dr. Hewlings discussed meta-analyses looking at vitamin D and COVID-19. Plus, a plug for the site: She noted that Vitamin D & Me offers summaries of studies, with the most recent ones first, which is much easier for people looking for this research than doing a PubMed search.

Danielle Citrolo, Pharm.D., VP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Kyowa Hakko USA, took a look at the emerging category of postbiotics and discussed IMMUSE in the session “Postbiotic  Immune Activation with IMMUSE LC-Plasma: An Innovative Approach to Immune Health.” She gave a useful overview of pro-, pre-, and postbiotics, for those looking to learn or refresh their memories as to the boundaries between those categories, and then pointed to the fact that 70-80% of immune cells are in the intestine—and then she went deeper. She discussed plasmacytoid dendritic cells, the “right” immune cells to activate for broad-range immune support; the discovery process behind IMMUSE; studies finding reduced incidence and symptoms of cold and flu in people who took IMMUSE; and more.

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