Irvine, CA—BGG World and its subsidiary HB Natural Ingredients (HBNI) will be featuring Vitosa Stevia at Natural Products Expo West, according toa press release.

Vitosa mimics sugar, according to the company, and doesn’t have the bitterness or aftertaste frequently found in Stevia products. It is water-soluble, has three different taste profiles, and can serve as a sweetness enhancer or as a standalone sweetener.

“With the introduction of Vitosa, we have taken a product that was poorly viewed in the sweetener category due to a bitter aftertaste and made something extremely palatable, yet healthy for individuals seeking reduced sugar intake,” said Shaheen Majeed, CEO of BGG Americas & HBNI USA, in the press release.

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BGG will also have a book on Natural Astaxanthin on hand. The book was written by Bob Capelli, an expert on astaxanthin and former CEO of BGG Americas. The company will also be showcasing information about TheraPrimeE, a line of tocotrienols, and ApplePhenon, a patented apple extract clinically studied for weight management, cardiovascular health, and skincare.

BGG will be at booth #4645.