City of Industry, CA—AIDP, Inc. has announced that BeautyOLIGO, from Neo Cremar Co. Ltd., has been granted a Natural Health Product Number (NPN) by Health Canada. Natural health products cannot be sold in Canada unless they have been reviewed by Health Canada and, once approved, are licensed with a NPN.

BeautyOLIGO is a unique galactooligosaccharide (GOS) prebiotic shown to be effective in supporting both gut health and healthy skin appearance, according to the press release. BeautyOLIGO stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria and hinders the growth of harmful bacteria. In turn, this helps strengthen the immune system, and enhances collagen function in the skin, thereby improving skin hydration and skin tone.

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“This is a significant achievement for BeautyOLIGO due to the high standards from Health Canada,” said Mark Thurston, President, AIDP, in the press release. “It also opens up greater market access for all our North American customers.”