Oslo, Norway and East Brunswick, NJ—NattoPharma is introducing a new logo, brand identity, and website, according to a press release.

“Our science has always been a driver for brand owners to join with NattoPharma,” said NattoPharma CEO Kjetil Ramsøy in the press release. “Our MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 has been the source materials for more than 20 published human clinical trials with more underway, confirming bone and cardiovascular benefits. As we look to the future, we see nothing but promise and potential, particularly as the benefits of Vitamin K2 are expanding, where again, we will lead in that discovery.”

NattoPharma has spent nearly 20 years focused on scientific validation for its vitamin K2, the press release states. In October 2020, however, Andrew Green joined the company as VP of Global Marketing and Communications, and he felt that the time had come to highlight that dedication via rebrand. “Joining NattoPharma, I was struck by the company’s story, the passionate pursuit of science, and the overriding mission to improve human health,” Green said in the press release. "The brand lift connects the decades of successful work creating the K2 category with the Japanese origins of K2. The new logo is born out of the Japanese concept of ‘Ikigai’, meaning ‘Purpose for being’. This can be seen in Ikigai diagram on the About Us page. We use the four quadrants of this philosophy to express our connection to Mission, Passion, Vocation, and Profession, and encourage you to view the short brand video.” That video can be viewedon the website's homepage.

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The website has several new additions, including:
  • Why MenaQ7, which makes the argument for why brands should choose MenaQ7 for their product
  • K2 Science, which dives into the work it takes to make a clinically validated vitamin K2
  • Partner, a portal that provides a direct connection to the MenaQ7 Partner Site, created to give companies that use MenaQ7 access to marketing collateral, so as to best communicate the superiority of their product
“Companies come to NattoPharma for the science, but they stay with NattoPharma for the partnership,” Green added. “We are truly invested in our partners’ success, and we believe this brand lift beautifully emphasizes that relationship.”

The new website can be explored atwww.NattoPharma.com.