Moses Lake, WA—AstaReal Astaxanthin has obtained a patent for increasing the intestinal population of the beneficial bacterial genusAkkermansia, according to a press release.

Akkermansiais represented by 9 known species of symbiotic bacteria within the human gut microbiome.Akkermansia muciniphilamakes up 3-5% of the gut microbiome in healthy individuals, and its abundance in the intestinal mucus layer is inversely correlated with BMI, type 1 diabetes, and bowel disease in humans. It helps to maintain healthy intestinal barrier function, control gut permeability, and control low-grade inflammation in the gut.

In a pre-clinical study, AstaReal Astaxanthin increasedAkkermansiain intestinal flora nearly 12 times compared to control after 4 weeks, suggesting that AstaReal Astaxanthin can help modulate intestinal flora to promote gut health.

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The patent was obtained jointly with Kyoto Prefectural Public University Corporation, and it addresses applications of AstaReal Astaxanthin in supplements and functional foods and beverages intended to promote gut health, suppress appetite, or promote weight loss in obese individuals. The patent also covers pharmaceutical applications intended as a dietary intervention for individuals with IBS.

AstaReal USA Inc. CEO, Arun Nair, stated in the press release: "AstaReal continues to be on the leading edge of science, demonstrating new applications for AstaReal Astaxanthin in the area of the gut microbiome. AstaReal maintains its position of leadership in the natural astaxanthin industry and market, building on a 30+ year career of proven success and positive impacts on human health. We look forward to working with our partners who can benefit from this most recently secured patent."