New York, NY—Kyowa Hakko is introducing its new “Breathe” brand campaign featuring its Setria brand glutathione, which supports respiratory and immune health, according to a press release.

“2021 is a year of new optimism, a different kind of normal, a time to reset and take a breath. After the uncertainty and intensity of 2020, we want to help our customers encourage their consumers to remember to take a second or two, to stop, and just breathe,” said Karen Todd, RD, VP Marketing at Kyowa Hakko U.S.A Inc., in the press release.

Glutathione is found in all cells, tissues, body fluids, and organ systems in the body, helping protect cells from oxidative stress and toxins, the press release explains. Glutathione levels can decrease due to factors ranging from age to lifestyle choices. Setria glutathione has been clinically shown to support immune health and detoxification, and to have a positive effect on healthy aging.

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The Breathe campaign looks to pair this ingredient with the healthy habit of returning to the breath. “When you work on your breathing, you are activating your body’s natural relaxation response, helping you to slow down, and slow your heart breathing rate, which brings you back into a state of balance, something that may be more important now than ever,” said Todd. “Focusing on the conscious act of breathing can be very therapeutic for the mind and body. We’re thrilled to embark on new activations with Setria Glutathione, that can play such a positive role in supporting overall health during the times we are in. Breathe in the good with us this year. We look forward to sharing Setria’s exciting new ‘Breathe’ initiatives as we turn the page for a better, brighter 2021.”