City of Industry, CA—AIDP has announced an exclusive sales distribution agreement for Functional Fungi organic mushroom nutraceuticals.

A press release on the topic explains that mushroom ingredients are growing as a category and appearing in beverages, supplements, and functional foods.

Functional Fungi offers a line of organic, multi-patented mushroom powders produced in its own U.S.-based, indoor growing, drying, and manufacturing operation. The mushrooms are grown using patented and patent pending processes that include the use of purple corn as a substrate, as opposed to nutrient-poor substrates such as rice or sawdust, the press release states. The company uses ByoDry technology that helps preserve naturally occurring polysaccharides.

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“We are excited to add the line of Functional Fungi to the AIDP portfolio. This trending ingredient has a wide range of applications for our customers,” said Mark Thurston, President of AIDP, in the press release. “Functional Fungi provides the highest quality, organic mushroom powders in a wide variety of historically proven strains.”

“AIDP is the perfect partner for Functional Fungi,” added Jordan Rubin, Head of Formulation. “AIDP customers align with Functional Fungi and have a great opportunity to include them in supplement, beverage and functional food formulations.”