Haifa Bay, Israel—Gadot Industries is now offering a sustainable supply of its zinc citrate, zinc gluconate, zinc picolinate, and ready-to-use zinc chewables, according to a press release.

“Zinc is an essential trace element that is vital for our immune system,” explains Ohad Cohen, CEO of Gadot, in the press release. “It functions as a cofactor for numerous enzymes, including those involved in DNA and RNA replication, protein synthesis, insulin production and brain development. Despite the importance of this mineral, our bodies cannot store excess zinc as it naturally does with some other minerals and vitamins, so continuous dietary intake is required.”

Numerous studies and meta-analyses all show that zinc helps the body’s immune system to work more effectively when it encounters viruses that can cause upper respiratory infections, the press release says. Zinc in the form of lozenges has been shown not only effective but tolerable in children as well as adults.

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Gadot’s zinc products can be used in supplements, dental care, food fortification, sports nutrition, personal care, and infant nutrition. Chewable Zinc Citrate includes zinc citrate as well as vitamin C.

“We are extremely well positioned to supply zinc in the preferred form for a variety of immune-support products that consumers are demanding,” Cohen added. “Zinc remains in the top three supplements people worldwide turn to for immune sustenance during times of stress.”