City of Industry, CA—AIDP has acquired the core technology and related intellectual property of France-based Olygose SAS, effective immediately, according to a press release. This includes the transfer of patents, manufacturing technology, trademarks, pre-clinical and clinical studies, regulatory certificates, and other “intellectual know-how,” the press release says.

In partnership with public academia and hospitals, Olygose has conducted 10 human clinical studies and 14 pre-clinical studies, which has resulted in 16 patents worldwide. The studies and patents, according to the press release, focus on cardiometabolism and gut microbiota modulation.

Olygose was formed in 2009, focusing on developing and producing prebiotic ingredients primarily from peas. It uses unique extraction and purification technologies to create their brands AlphaGOS and CravingZ’Gone.

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AlphaGOS is a plant-based, lactose free probiome booster. It exerts prebiotic effects by increasing levels of bifidobacterial and modulating production of SCFAs, similar to lactose-based GOS. It holds GRAS status for foods, beverages, and infant formula in the USA.

CravingZ’Gone is a plant-based prebiotic that has been shown in two double-blind placebo-controlled studies to decrease appetite and reduce caloric intake.

“This is a key acquisition for AIDP as it expands our prebiotic portfolio and plant-based solutions,” says Mark Thurston, President of AIDP, in the press release. “We are pleased to bring products based on the Olygose technology to our customers.”

"AIDP has been our most effective marketing partner for AlphaGOS during our ramp-up phase, they are the logical choice to bring this technology to full industrial level," adds François Delbaere, CEO of Olygose. "We are confident in AIDP's success.”