Austin, TX—Socati Corp has received USDA Organic certification for its CBD ingredient line-up, according to a press release.

The press release calls the USDA Organic Seal one of the “most recognized and trusted certifications among U.S. consumers and retailers,” while providing assurance regarding supply chain integrity and ensuring that farmers and manufacturers are using sustainable practices.

Socati was awarded the certification from the Montana State Department of Agriculture after an evaluation process which required:
  • An in-depth review of Socati’s manufacturing records to confirm stringent process and product traceability
  • Analysis of the credentials and credibility of each supplier to ensure full organic compliance throughout the supply chain
  • Confirmation of meticulous cleanliness standards upheld in Socati’s processing facility
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“Our mission has always been to provide the highest quality and most consistent CBD ingredients and finished products in the industry.” said Socati CEO Josh Epstein in the press release. “Through a commitment to clean label initiatives, natural production practices, and significant investment in research and development, Socati has now achieved the breakthrough of being awarded its USDA Organic certification, the gold standard for supply chain integrity, creating competitive differentiation and increased consumer trust at a time when the industry desperately needs it. We could not be more delighted to be able to now offer the compelling brand value of the USDA Organic Seal to our partners and customers.”

Socati has launched Organic Broad Spectrum Oils and Organic Full Spectrum Oils. It also offers a range of customizable private label products featuring these ingredients, including gummies and crystalized flavored powder.