Sioux Falls, SD—OmegaQuant has partnered with Standard Process to offer an Omega-3 Index testing kit to healthcare practitioners, to help them better support patients’ health, according to a press release.

The Standard Process Omega-3 Index Plus test kit was developed by OmegaQuant, which was founded by William S. Harris, Ph.D., known for developing the Omega-3 Index. Studies have shown that those with a higher Omega-3 Index support their heart, brain, and eye health. However, most Americans are omega-3 deficient, the press release notes.

“Our goal is to provide simple tests of nutritional status to help improve health,” Dr. Harris said in the release. “Omega-3, omega-6, and trans fats all play a role in a person’s health, and tracking these numbers can help optimize their well-being.”
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“Using the Omega-3 Index Plus test results as a guide, practitioners can measure the presence of omega-3s EPA and DHA in the body,” explained Ken Misher, Product Marketing Manager at Standard Process. “It’s the first step toward recommending important, but manageable, changes to patients’ diets and lifestyles.”

The test kit allows staff to collect patient blood samples in-office, which can be sent to the OmegaQuant lab for analysis. OmegaQuant provides a personalized report including the Omega-3 Index results; ratio of omega-6 to omega-3; AA/EPA ratio; trans fat index; as well as individualized recommendations.